How To Remove Horsetail From Your Garden Permanently? 3 natural and effective tips.

Every spring is the same ordeal, long green stalks forming in your driveway and garden? It is most likely horsetail, a tough perennial unloved by gardeners. But luckily there are natural solutions to overcome it.

Improving the quality of the soil

Improving the quality of the soil in your garden is one of the keys to ensuring the good health of your plants and preventing the growth of “weeds”. This is essential if you want to eliminate horsetail. To do this, dig up the contaminated area with a shovel or tiller. feel free to add river sand and lime to light the floor. Indeed, the heavier, more acidic, clayey and moister the soil, the more horsetail you will have.

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Pull out young shoots

Young shoots, also called sterile stems, are the most invasive. The more you eliminate them as they grow, the more you fatigue them. However, keep in mind that it takes several months, even years to stop their development. So courage and patience!

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Shade the infected area

No sun, no ponytail. Indeed, this unloved plant grows mainly thanks to solar energy. To eliminate it, you can shade the infected area (usually in garden paths). How ? If possible, cover it with sold a black and opaque tarpaulin in garden stores. Admittedly, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it can help you overcome this “weed”. The canvas should last for at least two years. If you notice regrowth, repeat the surgery for a few more months.

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