How to keep wasps at bay? 7 simple and natural tricks

With summer temperatures soaring, we tend to spend more time outdoors. Wasps can then invite themselves to your table during lunch or an aperitif and disrupt the course of events. An essential insect for biodiversity and the food chain, wasps need to be protected: it is therefore not necessary to install traps to kill them. However, you can keep them away from strategic points in your home or garden with natural and easy-to-find ingredients. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

ground cloves

There’s nothing easier to keep wasps away from your table or your entrances: just crush a few cloves in a bowl and install it where the wasps are likely to bother you. The smell will drive them away and make them go somewhere else, where they won’t bother you.

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Scattered cucumber slices

Cucumber is one of the star ingredients of summer. And it’s not for nothing that it can be cooked in salads, smoothies or cold soups. But did you know that you can also keep a few slices on hand to keep wasps at bay? Place a few slices on your garden table and you’re done.

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Incense or candles to burn

Wasps don’t like smoke, especially if it gives off an unpleasant odor. Use frankincense or citronella candles to repel insects such as wasps. Be careful though, use this method in a well-ventilated area and always watch your incense or candles. A fire can start quickly.

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Essential oils to spray

Several essential oils are feared by wasps. You can use alone or in combination: Java lemongrass, cloves, rose geranium or spike lavender and lavandin. You can spray a mixture of water and essential oils on surfaces or soak fabrics with a few drops of essential oils and place them around you.

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Coffee grounds to burn

Take ground coffee, put it in a small cup and burn it. The smell of the smoke repels wasps.

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The plants to surround you with

Some plants have the ability to repel wasps. So why not plant rose geraniums, tomatoes, mint, lavender, thyme or lemongrass in your garden, a planter or on your balcony? In addition to offering harvests for your summer meals, you can enjoy your outdoor space in complete freedom.

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Vinegar and lemon spray

Vinegar and lemon are two essential allies in home maintenance. Spray a mixture of vinegar and lemon water on your surfaces (tables, chairs) and you are rid of wasps. Magical !

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