How to grow bell peppers and chillies: 7 steps for a guaranteed harvest

May is a busy month for gardeners. With the end of the night frost, we are busy planting summer vegetables in the vegetable garden. After zucchini or eggplant, it is the turn of bell peppers and bell peppers to find a place in the garden. What steps should be taken to ensure a good harvest? Follow our advice.

Plant in warm soil

To keep their comfortable buckets in the greenhouse or indoors, the peppers and sweet pepper plants need very hot soil. So wait a few days after the last frost to plant them in the ground. After transplanting, you can protect the seedlings for another two weeks by placing them under a veil or a bell jar. In the coldest regions, keep your plants warm with a window frame or a small plastic tunnel, but the latter solution remains the least ecological.

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Choose a sunny location

Like tomatoes, peppers need plenty of sun and light to grow well. In a square vegetable garden, place them in the middle row so that they can absorb the light well and are not bothered by the shadow of the neighbors.

Mulch the plants

To keep your plants warm, protect their roots and maintain good humidity, consider mulching the soil. To learn more about mulch, read this article.

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feed the soil

Bell peppers and peppers need nutrient-rich soil. To help your plants grow, add compost or decomposed fertilizer directly from the planting hole and feed your soil regularly with compost. Read this article to learn more about compost.

Give a drop of water

To prevent diseases and to give your plants the best watering, you can opt for drip irrigation. This solution is also ideal for planters and gardeners in a hurry, because automation systems are also possible. If you have a square vegetable garden, you can use this watering technique for all your squares.

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Support the plants

Like tomatoes, bell pepper and chili plants need support if the fruit is too heavy. You can place a pole or support the base with a box of fruits and vegetables leaning against the plant. Be careful, handle the stems carefully, they are very fragile.

Harvest at the right time

The harvest is always an important moment. For peppers, harvest takes place about 90 days after planting, between August and October. The most important thing is to wait when the fruit is fully ripe and has taken on its color (green, red or yellow). As for peppers, they can still be picked green. They will complete their maturation if they are sheltered indoors. But if you want your peppers hotter, leave them in the ground longer.

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