How to get rid of blackberries in the garden? 5 natural and effective tips.

They are tenacious, invasive and can scratch us. We are of course talking about blackberries, this “weed” that invites itself all too often into our garden. If many of us are fond of its small fruits (which are nothing but blackberries), others can no longer bear to watch it grow and spread at great speed. If this is your case, here are some simple tips, natural and effective to overcome them!

What is a burr?

Did you know that the blackberry grows in the common blackberry? This “weed” is also called hedgeberry (from the scientific name rubus fruticosus) or wild mulberry. The fruits can be picked in the wild from mid-August to September. In addition, this plant attracts pollinating insects, such as bees, during flowering. Another advantage, the blackberry bush is full of benefits, and in particular antibacterial properties. Once dried, the leaves prevent seasonal viruses, relieve voids and holes, regulate sebum production and finally relieve diarrhea.

Those are the positive sides of the blackberry bush. But there are also downsides. Indeed, the common blackberry is best known as a thorny plant (that pricks the fingers) that invades wastelands and ill-maintained gardens.

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How to get rid of blackberries?

Clean up your country

Growing blackberries in your garden and invading your roses? Don’t panic, to limit the spread of this “weed”, maintaining your land is the best solution. If it is advisable to let nature flourish to promote biodiversity, it can sometimes be necessary to clean it up a bit. Use pruning shears for this, cutting at ground level problem branches. You can also brush occasionally.

Mulch the base of the brambles

A good mulch not only protects your plants from cold and heat, but can also overcome certain unwanted effects, such as blackberries. Indeed, by placing grass clippings, straw, leaves or even branches at the base of the brambles, you will create humidity.

Recycle cooking water

Water from cooking rice, potatoes or pasta can be used as a natural weed killer. And it’s not for nothing that she is rich in starch. To remove burrs, pour water on the feet and repeat the operation regularly.

Prepare nettle fertilizer

We no longer present the benefits of this mixture. Sure, the smell is particularly strong and repulsive, but its usefulness has been proven. Mix 1 kg of chopped nettle with 10 liters of rainwater in a bucket, then place the mixture in the shade for about ten days and stir until the bubbles disappear. After filtering the nettle manure, spray it on the blackberries.

Use white vinegar and baking soda

This is the perfect combination to get rid of the burrs. Put 1/3 white vinegar, 1/3 rainwater and 1 kg baking soda on the legs of the blackberry bushes. This dosage must be respected because an excess of vinegar can acidify the soil.

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