How to get rid of a wasp nest?

Whether it’s Asian or European hornets, the presence of a nest near your home is never good news. The former, also called yellow-legged hornets, are also dangerous to bees, which they love, and can attack humans if they feel threatened. In both cases, it is recommended not to act alone to neutralize a wasp nest. Find out here the procedure to follow to manage this delicate situation.

How do you distinguish an Asian wasp nest from a European wasp nest?

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Your dinner or sunbathing session has been disrupted by the thud of a flying hornet. Something to worry about… The hornet does indeed have a longer stinger than other Hymenoptera (wasps, bees). The sting is therefore deeper and thus the poison can be injected directly into the veins, causing a greater reaction. In addition, it can sting several times in a row, making it a particularly formidable insect.

But how do you know if it is the famous asian hornet or simple european hornet? ? First of all, it is sufficient to observe the insect (if possible from a good distance). In reality, the first is characterized by its yellow legs and its brown and black belly lined with yellow. It lives in colonies of 2000 individuals. the European hornet, with its black and yellow striped belly, looks more like a large wasp. It lives for its share in colonies of about 100 individuals.

If you have seen its nest, the shape of the latter will also give you an indication of the nature of its inhabitants. The balloon-shaped nest of the Asian hornet is characterized by a small opening on the side. He is usually installed in full sun. Other way around, European hornets prefer dark areas or overshadowed to settle. The wider opening measures about 10 cm and faces south.

How to get rid of a wasp nest?

Whether it is an Asian or European wasp nest, one thing is for sure, It is absolutely not recommended to get rid of it yourself. Keep a safe distance (minimum 5 meters), so as not to make them alert. Indeed, it is only when the hornet senses that its queen or its nest is in danger that it becomes aggressive. So avoid awakening his wrath!

Know thatit is no longer necessary to contact the fire brigade to come and destroy a nest in your house.

The firefighters intervene only if the nest is in a sensitive environment (public road, crèches, schools, etc.). If in doubt, contact 18 or 112 for information.

Isère Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS)

What to do if it is a nest of European hornets?

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“If there is no danger, the destruction of Hymenoptera nests in private homes is handled by several private professionals”, the SDIS specifies on its site. So if you notice the presence of a nest of European hornets on your property, it is up to you to contact and pay a professional to take on the operation.

In general, you can turn to your town hall, where you will get the contact details of a professional.

How to get rid of an Asian hornet’s nest?

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The Asian hornet or Vespa Velutina is a particularly invasive and dangerous species for the balance of biodiversity. As such, many initiatives have been taken to curb its spread. Here are the steps to take if you discover a nest in your home:

  • To simplify the large-scale fight against the Asian hornet, fill out a report form on the website
  • Contact your town hall. Indeed, some municipalities are taking care of the destruction of Asian hornet nests, from finding a professional to paying the bill. So start with your city’s services to learn more about their policies in this area.
  • If your town hall has not set up a specific device, it is up to you to contact a licensed professional to proceed with the destruction of the nest.

Note: From the month of December, the nest empties from its inhabitants and is not recolonized the following year. It is therefore useless to continue with its destruction.

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