How to detect toxic people and protect yourself from them?

Have you ever felt that certain people are constantly putting you down? That you were easy prey for them? If this is the case, don’t panic, there are indicators to detect these toxic relationships and protect yourself in the long run. Here are some worthwhile roads to explore.

What is a toxic person?

No, a toxic person is not necessarily our sworn enemy. It could also be one of our friends, a colleague, a relative or even our partner. Usually it is a person with a pessimistic, negative, jealous, nonchalant character, who has no self-confidence and above all has the annoying tendency to consume all our energy and devalue us. As you will have understood, a “toxic” relationship is dangerous to our inner peace.

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How to detect a toxic person?

Whether in friendship, love or in the professional context, certain signals are not misleading. If you come across them, you are probably dealing with a toxic person. Here’s our (non-exhaustive) list:

  • You are afraid of his reaction and so you do your best not to blame her: you weigh your words, you hide from her truths that might hurt her, you lie to her, or you constantly apologize for trivial things.
  • She jealous of you : It’s not uncommon for a toxic person to resent you for not inviting them to dinner. But that’s not all, she never rejoices in your happiness and tends to make you feel guilty for being good at your life.
  • She spends her time complaining She always thinks about what’s going on, never sees the bright side of things, feels sorry for herself, and never asks if you’re okay.
  • She manipulates you : she knows how to turn things around in her favor by pushing especially where it hurts, giving you the impression that she is essential in your life, and very often she compliments you in order to get something in return.
  • It sends you harmful energies : it has the power to transfer these bad vibes to you, strip you good energies or lower your morale in record time.

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How do you protect yourself from a toxic person?

There really is no secret to protecting yourself from these harmful energies. The best solution is therefore to walk away from these toxic people who have a negative impact on your life. And if you are forced to deal with these malicious persons, keep your distance as much as possible. The most important thing is to have faith in yourself so that you don’t let these people control your emotions.

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In the hope that this article will help you to escape these negative energies and thus keep your inner peace. Moving on, here’s a healthy and powerful short film that deciphers toxic relationships.

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