How the hell did Albie the Albatross get to the Northern Hemisphere?

Albie is a browed albatross. While all of his ilk (600,000 pairs) live near Antarctica, Albie himself has taken up residence on the other side of the equator. France Inter dedicated a column to this free electron, spotted around the cliffs of northern England.

Albie has been living in the Northern Hemisphere for several years. This albatross has become a star in the UK and is a mystery for two reasons: geographical strangeness first. In reality, France Inter teaches us that “ the 600,000 pairs of browed albatross all live on remote islands near Antarctica However, the ecological conditions of northern Scotland are close to those of the Kerguelen Islands, a sub-Antarctic archipelago where other birds of this species occur.

We then wonder how Albie could have gotten there? † The equator from 20°C, has areas where there is no wind at all for weeks or even months† “. It is therefore difficult for a bird of this size to pass through this barrier.

A few hypotheses can be found in the column above… Meanwhile, Albie is well acclimatized across the Atlantic, delighting amateur ornithologists!

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