How far can you go by train in less than five hours? Answer with this interactive map.

How far can you go by train in less than five hours? This question is answered by the Chronotrains site, which offers an interactive map of all of Europe. By clicking on your city of departure, you can discover all the destinations served by rail in France and neighboring countries. Practical, right?

At a time when more and more holidaymakers are avoiding the plane for ecological reasons and the car because of rising fuel prices, the train is emerging as an increasingly attractive alternative. But how do you know which destinations can be reached in a short time so that you can enjoy a weekend in nature or in an atmospheric city? Thanks to the interactive map of the Chronotrains site, this is now possible. An innovative platform created by Benjamin Tran Dinh, a software engineer of French descent, shared on social networks on July 29.

How it works ?

One, two, three or even five hours by train is enough to propel us into an exotic universe. On its site, Chronotrains offers users (in English) to click on their departure city to discover all available destinations. Thanks to a color code, they discover in an instant the cities served by the train from home. Enough to broaden your horizons while respecting the planet.

The areas marked in red on the map indicate the nearest places, reachable in less than an hour. Orange stands for stations that are two hours away. Three hours by train are needed to reach the points in dark yellow, four for those colored in yellow and finally five hours of travel will lead you to the destinations that you can reach in five hours by road.

In the end, we enjoy discovering the variety of destinations that can be reached from home. For example, Paris is not only connected to an astronomical number of stations in France, but also in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and the United Kingdom. From Marseille Bordeaux or Toulouse it is even possible to reach Spain.

Something to remember that cheap flights do not have a monopoly on exoticism… To discover the destinations accessible from home, go to the Chronotrains website by clicking here.

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