Here’s how to plant and care for a mimosa in a pot

With its delicate little bright yellow pompoms, the mimosa is the star flower of winter. From January to March it brightens up both our interiors and our gardens. This golden tree, not very hardy, especially likes the sunny regions of the Mediterranean. However, the shrub also adapts well to life in a pot, so you can house it anywhere. If you also dream of hosting a Acacia dealbata (the Latin name) at home, here are some valuable tips to help you in your business.

Choose your jar well

The mimosa likes space. Offer him a pot that suits his ambitions. For a beautiful flowering, choose a somewhat narrow but very deep pot to leave enough room for the important root system of this plant.

It is generally recommended to use a pot that is twice the size of your mimosa’s root ball. The website Smart gardening indicates that “Containers with a diameter of 40 to 50 cm are sufficient for subjects about 3 m high. †

As with most potted plants, it is recommended to opt for an unvarnished and drilled terracotta container to maintain the porosity and breathability of this material.

Choose a suitable surface

The mimosa especially likes sunny areas. He is afraid of excess water. Don’t forget to put clay granules in the bottom of your pot. The mimosa also needs a very draining, fertile and slightly acidic soil mixture. To do this, mix heather and potting soil (so much for so much), then add a handful of compost and another of river sand for drainage properties.

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The hibernation of the mimosa

In good weather, the mimosa requires a lot of sun (at least 4 hours a day) and a sheltered position from the wind. However, the shrub is extremely sensitive to frost, so it is imperative to opt for indoor wintering if the climate in your area is not suitable. Hence the importance of choosing a pot culture!

Between November and March, depending on the region, place your mimosa in a light, cool and unheated area such as a greenhouse, veranda or winter garden. As soon as the nice weather returns, you can give it a place in the garden.

Maintain the mimosa

The substrate for potted plants dries out faster than for plants in the open ground. Water your mimosa once or twice a week during the vegetative period. The substrate should remain fresh, but never soggy, remember, it hates excess water! In summer light but daily watering is ideal.

At the end of the mimosa’s flowering, it is recommended to cut the branches in half to give it a little boost. Finally, do not hesitate to repot it every two years (in March), to offer it a slightly more spacious pot. If it is already in a very large pot, opt for a hardening by scraping the earth over the root ball and replacing it with compost.

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