Here are 4 effective solutions to combat thigh chafing in the summer

For many women, it is the same ordeal every year. The urge to wear skirts or dresses to enjoy sunny days ends in pain. Because when the thighs touch, the repeated rubbing of the two legs, combined with perspiration, forms a very unpleasant cocktail. So how do you avoid these life-destroying irritations?

The phenomenon of the mermaid thighs

Have you ever heard of the “thigh gap” (thigh bone)? The trend flooded social networks a few years ago. Influencers and users of the applications then praised the merits of this morphological peculiarity, which is usually linked to a size XS. The mermaid thigh phenomenon is just the opposite, as it describes the thighs touching from the pubic bone to the knees. The legs thus draw the shape of a fish tail. Or for more glamour, a mermaid! Unfortunately, this morphology generally goes hand in hand with the phenomenon of rubbing the thighs.

How to limit the friction of the thighs?

As soon as the nice weather arrives, the urge to put the pants, jeans and tights in the closet is irresistible. In the long run, however, the friction between the two thighs can cause a particularly unpleasant irritation. When it’s hot, perspiration tends to accentuate the phenomenon. Don’t panic, there are practical and natural solutions to keep you dressed the way you want, winter and summer!


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Talc is a good solution to limit irritation from chafing the thighs. As effective on your thighs as on a baby’s butt, it not only limits perspiration but also creates a protective anti-friction layer. To reap all its benefits, opt for a version enriched with calendula extracts, famous for its calming properties.


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Convenient to carry, petroleum jelly is a must to fight against the phenomenon of thighs rubbing. Spread over friction zones, it will act as a particularly effective lubricant so you can enjoy a walk in your dress with peace of mind. For maximum effectiveness, apply in a thick layer and renew the operation as soon as you feel the need.

vegetable oil

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For a 100% vegetable version, opt for a vegetable oil. Coconut, jojoba or avocado… it’s up to you to choose the oil you like best. Coconut oil is nevertheless particularly suitable thanks to its moisturizing and healing properties. In addition, the delicate fragrance also adapts very well to the summer season.

The right underwear

First of all, choose cotton underwear to limit perspiration. As if this isn’t enough to stop the irritations, products have been around for several years now. This is the case with the anti-friction strip. They are often decorated with lace and look like the top part of a pair of stockings. What keep the class while preserving his thighs. More coverage also allows the cyclist to cover the sensitive areas to avoid chafing.

The varied and colorful wardrobes are for you to enjoy the summer to the fullest!

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