Heat wave: how to cool a bottle of water without a fridge?

How to cool a bottle of water without using a refrigerator? This is a question many vacationers ask themselves. Whether you travel in a tent, in a converted van or whatever you have have made the ecological choice to live without a refrigerator, we give you quick and easy tips for having very fresh water in hot weather.

The damp cloth technique

If you don’t have a cooler or refrigerator, wrap a damp cloth (t-shirt, rag, tea towel, etc.) around your water bottle or water bottle and place the container in direct sunlight. Yes, you read that right, in full sun! The water in the linen will evaporate with the heat of the sun’s rays. As a result, as the water in the cloth evaporates, it will absorb the heat in the bottle. This scientifically proven phenomenon has a name: thermodynamics.

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The coarse salt trick

You can also refresh a water bottle, water bottle, or can with coarse salt. How ? Simply fill a bucket with ice, add a large handful of coarse salt, then add your tightly closed container. This effective trick has the effect of:prevent water from freezing. Your water bottle will be fresh in less than five minutes!

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The natural solution

Here’s a more well-known but equally effective tip. If you are near cold water (such as a lake, pond, or river), submerge your tightly sealed water bottle in it for a few minutes. In contact with water, your container will cool naturallywithout salt or cloth.

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