Health, environment, animal welfare: 7 good reasons to eat 100% plant-based

Since the National Food Safety Agency (ANSES) recommends eating “5 fruits and vegetables a day,” plant-based diets continue to prove their many benefits. To the point that ANSES recommends in its latest report, to eat “more lentils and less meat” in 2017 Are you still in doubt about changing your diet? Discover the 7 benefits of a 100% plant-based diet with Alternative V, a media and training platform for everyone who wants to inform, learn and master plant-based eating.

A richer diet

Legumes, grains or even vegetables: these are the types of ingredients that can be found on the plates of people who have adopted a plant-based diet. These foods make it possible to increase the sources of vitamins and nutrients, such as fiber, minerals, amino acids, etc.

These elements are essential to maintain good health and thus prevent shortages and diseases. However, make sure not to forego the intake of certain nutrients such as vitamin B12 and omega 3. For this you can consult your doctor on the one hand who will help you with your diet transition and on the other hand train you in cooking vegetables with alternative V.

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A diet that is good for your intestinal flora and your taste buds

A diet rich in fiber and nutrients has a cascade of positive effects on the body. Among them, we find a very important one: the delight of your gut microbiota. As we know today, various pathologies are linked to our (poor) diet.

As we can read in this article by The conversation, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers, mental illness or even digestive disorders can be due to the consumption of ultra-processed products, or “to a dysfunction of the community of microorganisms installed in our digestive tract – that is, our gut microbiota”.

“If our diet has an impact on our health, it is undoubtedly because it influences the diversity and activities of the gut microbiota (…). And we can only underline the importance of a diet that is not only varied, but also rich in fruits, vegetables and other plant products, the nutritional value of which should be as close as possible to what it was before they were picked.”

Anthony Fardet and Gerard Fonty in “The Conversation”

By eating raw, varied food of plant origin, you take care of your intestinal flora and therefore your health… while offering your taste buds pleasant and new flavors. Why rob yourself?

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Improve health and prevent disease

Science has repeatedly proven that dieting has other health benefits: “I realized how numerous the benefits of a vegetarian diet were and far more impressive than all the drug and surgical arsenal of traditional medicine”writes biochemist T. Colin Campbell after a 2005 study. “We can largely prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease, disability and other chronic conditions. »

Other scientific studies have confirmed the biochemist’s conclusions. Something to reassure about the link between disease prevention and plant foods.

Reduce your ecological footprint

Did you know that eating less meat also improves the health of the planet? According to climate experts, it is not necessary to completely stop eating meat to see a positive effect on the planet. Replacing just 20% of beef with plant-based substitutes (such as tofu) could cut projected deforestation in half by 2050, the review said. Nature. Imagine what we could do for the planet if the entire world population reduced their meat consumption even more drastically.

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Contribute to animal welfare

Eating less meat also saves the lives of many animals. Field societies such as L214 continuously raise public awareness of the living conditions of chickens, pigs, cows, rabbits or sheep raised for food or for eggs or milk. Limited living space, separation of babies and their mothers, animal suffering… By choosing a plant-based diet you say no to these practices and you save the lives of hundreds of animals every year.

Save money

It’s a prejudice that has a hard life: plant-based foods would be the preserve of an elite whose finances would allow them to invest in sustainable products that are good for their health. But even as prices vary, and especially since inflation, plant-based protein alternatives (such as tofu or legumes) are significantly cheaper than animal-derived products such as red meat.

A healthy body from head to toe

When you include more plants and less fatty, processed and meat products in your diet, you can observe a beneficial effect on your body: first on your weight (without advocating the dictate of thinness) but also on its skin, hair or even his fingernails and toenails.

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