Have you witnessed a fire in the forest? Here’s how to respond safely.

You witness a fire in the forest and you don’t know how to react? The main thing is to have the right reflexes, without putting you in danger. Here are the ways to trade quickly and securely.

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Fire is controllable

An unscrupulously discarded cigarette butt starts to ignite? If the fire is manageable, try extinguishing it with water, soil, or sand. lthe most important thing is to smother it so that it does not spread (it can go very quickly, especially in case of drought), as the Sapeurs-Pompiers de France remember. Be careful, do not put branches or leaves on it, as you risk making the situation worse. And, of course, don’t blow it to try and extinguish it. The flames have stopped? To make sure there is no more danger, contact the fire brigade (18).

The fire is out of control

If the fire is too big, protect yourself but don’t run away. Move away in the opposite direction of the flames and hide behind a rock, mound of dirt or a wall. If you have a wet cloth with you, breathe in it so you don’t inhale too much smoke. The second reflex is contact emergency services (18 or 112) by indicating your exact position and giving the most precision on the wildfire. If you are not sure where you are, you can download the “Fire Prevention” application that will allow you to quickly geolocate. Finally, wait for the arrival of the fire brigade.

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