Good news, the body positive movement is taking over Spanish beaches

The Spanish Ministry of Equality has just launched a campaign to fight the dictates imposed on women. The message ? “Come to the beach as you are”. An initiative around the positive movement of the body twisting its neck at the famous command of the summer body.

Feed solely on seeds and fruits while torturing yourself with a series of squats and lunges each morning. Many are those to whom this morning routine adopted at the approach of summer will seem familiar. You guessed it: it’s about the famous ‘summer body’.

And when we use the feminine, it’s simply because this commandment weighs heavily on women. the summer body, it is therefore this ideal body (thin, muscular and symmetrical) that one “must” achieve before the summer in order to be worthy of showing off on the beach or by the pool. A “body goal” that is difficult to achieve and which, above all, only reinforces the stigmatization of those who do not achieve it.

But the Spanish government sees it differently. The Ministry of Equality has just launched an extensive social network awareness campaign to celebrate all body types. Title “El verano tambien es nuestro” (“Summer is ours too”), the campaign features five women of varying ages, ethnicities, and body types.

Leaving aside the somewhat kitschy style of the poster, it’s mostly the message “that all bodies can show themselves on the beach” that we keep. Looking closer, we see that one of the women pictured (second from the left) has had a mastectomy, which doesn’t stop her from enjoying the delights of the beach in a “topless” outfit.

At the origin of this inspiring initiative was Antonia Morillas, director of the Spanish Institute for Women and of the organization that advocates for “diverse bodies, free of gender stereotypes, occupy all spaces”she writes on her Twitter account.

In recent years, the word around the aesthetic dictates imposed on women has been freed and given way to “body positive,” a movement born in the United States that advocates the acceptance of all bodies, regardless of weight. , their morphology, their color or their scars.

And if the summer body is not gone, it seems less popular than before. According to a recent study by Pinterest, the number of searches related to weight loss on the social network has dropped by 20% as summer approaches.

(ETX Daily Up)

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