Going without meat is one of the most effective levers in the face of the climate crisis, the IPCC recalls

To keep our planet habitable, we need to act quickly. This is essentially the conclusion of the third and final work of the 6th report of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), published on Monday, April 4. While it is as alarming as the previous one about the evolution of the climate crisis, this section nevertheless sets out a path to be followed to avoid the worst. And that includes individual actions.

Indeed, for the first time, the IPCC is devoting a chapter to behavioral solutions that make it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the production and consumption of meat and other animal products is one of the most effective ways, according to the expert group. In his report, he states that “the greatest potential per transition would come from switching to a plant-based protein diet”, fewer greenhouse gas emitters. Problem: Few national dietary guidelines explicitly recommend limiting meat consumption, IPCC experts say.

However, it would not be the question that is missing. “64% of the French are in favor of implementing government policies that lead to a 50% reduction in meat and fish consumption in 5 years. Which president will be able to accompany them?‘ asks Brigitte Gothière, co-founder of L214, in a press release. One thing is certain, the future of the planet will also be decided in the polls next Sunday.

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