Goiko launches three vegan burgers at its two Paris addresses

In Spain, just like in Paris, Goiko goes green. The Spanish fast food chain has just added new vegan recipes to the menu of its establishments, including its two Paris addresses. The brand opened in 2019 in the French capital and has since won over its audience. In particular, in 2021 it won the prize for the best burger in Paris during the Paris Burger Week.

For the spring of 2022, Goiko has decided to innovate by offering three plant-based burgers. The burger “Edamamita” therefore consists of a vegetarian pancake made from edamame, broccoli and rice, grilled vegetables and a slice of cheese. The “Chick’tarian” includes a vegan chicken breaded style escalope, grilled peppers, onions, and cheese. Finally, the “Greta” is prepared with a vegan alternative to Beyond Meat steak, guacamole, candied sun-dried tomatoes and cheese.

All a la carte recipes available can also be adapted to replace the steak with a vegan alternative from Beyond Meat, and the bread can also be gluten-free. By offering new alternatives, Goiko wants to be more inclusive, while the adoption of a more plant-based diet is gaining ground in France but also in Spain.

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