Gardening: after March 15, you no longer have to trim your hedges or prune your trees

If you like square hedges and neatly trimmed trees, then you should hurry: from March 15 to July 31, you are not allowed to trim your hedges or prune trees, biodiversity is mandatory. explanation.

These dates, as the LPO reminds us, correspond to the bird breeding season. Cutting branches during this period therefore means that the birds become detached and thus prevent them from reproducing.

“The blackbird, house seal, spotted accentor, greenfinch, finch and many others use the forks of branches to hold their nests. †

the LPO

As far as farmers are concerned, they will be formally banned by law from April 1 (since a decree of April 24, 2015). But individuals attached to the good balance of biodiversity have every reason to also observe it and, even, as the associations recommend, to anticipate it (and, whatever happens, it is better to check with your town hall as some prefectures impose local regulations regarding hedge trimming.)

“Note: on a national scale there is no ban on hedge trimming during the bird breeding season. However, Article R411-15 of the Environmental Code empowers prefects to take the necessary measures in their department to prevent the destruction, alteration or degradation of the natural habitats of protected species. For example, a prefect has the power to issue a prefectural decree prohibiting the pruning of trees and hedges during a certain period of the year. †

the LPO

In addition, the site reminds us at 6:39 pm, “The hedges also serve as a habitat for insects and small mammals, such as the dormouse and the European hedgehog.† If waiting a few months to trim your hedges can guarantee these animals a few days of rest, it’s worth the wait.

Finally, the LPO advises, “If you decide to mow, keep a few areas to give amphibians, insects and small mammals a safe haven. †

A neat and tidy garden is good. A garden full of life is even better!

Update, 03/03/21, at 7:01 am We’ve added a precision to what the law says to farmers: the hedge trimming ban will be imposed on them from April 1.

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