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Garden: which shrubs to choose for a colorful, varied and permanent hedge?

Do you want to illuminate your garden or protect yourself against vis-à-vis? The hedge is a simple, effective and inexpensive solution. The other advantage is that you can put it together as you see fit. No more ideas? We offer a selection of shrubs for a colorful, varied and permanent hedge.

aucuba from japan

Also known scientifically asaucuba japonica, this evergreen shrub with decorative foliage illuminates your garden all year round. It grows to about 6 feet tall and the good news is it doesn’t need a lot of sun to thrive. In the fall, small red and inedible berries appear to the delight of birds. [1]

Photo: Shutterstock

barberry or barberry

It is a classic in our gardens. barberry or barberry (Berberis thunbergii) is valued for its evergreen foliage that changes from green to purple depending on the season. Like the Japanese aucuba, this shrub has bright red berries that are a delight for birds in winter. When ripe, these small fruits become edible. Enough to multiply the joys! [2]

Photo: Shutterstock

makeshift charcoal

Do you like shrubs with green leaves, but are you looking for a little more originality? Adopt makeshift charcoal (or Euonymus fortuneic† This plant is distinguished by its dense leaves of dark green and golden yellow color on which red spots appear in the fall. The good news is that it can withstand the cold very well (down to -20 degrees). So why deprive yourself of it? [3]

Photo: Shutterstock


Do you want a beautiful flowery hedge? We advise you to opt for the oleander (or nerium oleander† It is valued for its permanent foliage and its bloom of trumpet flowers that lasts from spring to fall. Be careful, this shrub needs heat and sun to grow, so be careful if you live in a cool and rainy area. [4]

Photo: Shutterstock


The photinia (or photinic x fraseri) is an evergreen shrub that forms beautiful, bright purple hedges. In addition, the foliage varies with the seasons. In spring the leaves are dark red and shiny, then they turn green in summer. But that’s not all, in May, when temperatures soften, clusters of small white flowers appear. Which makes us dream all year round. [5]

Photo: Shutterstock

golden privet

Finally, if you want to bring some color to your hedge, you can opt for golden privet (or Ligustrum ovalifolium Aureum† This evergreen shrub is valued for its oval and thick leaves of bright green and yellow color. It is not uncommon to come across it in our gardens, it is also one of the favorite plants of French women and men. [6]

Photo: Shutterstock

This is of course a non-exhaustive list and there are many other varieties to plant to have a colorful hedge all year round. Did you like this article? This is why you should not trim your hedges or prune trees after March 15th.

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