Garden: how to make angelica manure, a natural and effective weed killer?

What gardener or gardener has never declared war on “weeds”? If you’re tired of weeding and hoeing your yard or vegetable patch, test angelica manure, a natural and effective weed killer (but not only) right away! So, ready to get your hands dirty?

Angelica manure, a natural weed killer

Tired of the “weeds” growing in your yard? In front of effective weeding without using poisonous products for fauna and flora, you can prepare manure from angelica (from the scientific name) Angelica archangelica). It can be used on flower beds, in the vegetable garden or even in the orchard. But that’s not all, angelica manure is also known for attract aphids and thus derive them from your fruits, vegetables, and other plants. So it doesn’t endanger these little unwanteds, but keeps them away from your crops. Some more ?

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The recipe for angelica manure

To prepare your angelica manure, all you need to do is harvest 1 kg of leaves. Then cut them into small pieces and mix them with 10 liters of rainwater in a plastic bucket or wooden tub. Once this is done, place the mixture in the shade and at room temperature (20-23°C) for 5-10 days, stirring every other day. Are the bubbles gone? The fermentation is over. Here only the mixture needs to be filtered.

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How to use angelica fertilizer?

Weeding while taking care of your health and the environment, spray pure angelica about “weeds”. Attention, the mixture is preferably applied to the shoots that are in height (and not directly to the roots) so as not to contaminate the other plants. To attract aphids, pour the mixture away from your crops.

A little tip: for even more efficiency, do it in warm, sunny weather.

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