Garden: how to keep the mole away without endangering it?

The mole is generous, he spends his time giving mounds of soil on our lawn. But it must be admitted, the clods it leaves in its path are hardly aesthetically pleasing. So how do you stop this fuss? Here are our simple and natural tips for keeping this little animal away without endangering it.

Why does the mole nest in your garden?

What you feared most has happened: a mole has turned your very green and thick lawn into its new playground? You may not know it, but in reality the presence of this little unwanted is synonymous with a nutrient-rich soil, and more particularly in worms and insects. A feast for the mole, especially since fasting for more than 12 hours can prove fatal. It is for this reason that it is constantly in search of food.

Although the mole does a lot of damage to the garden, his presence can be invaluable† Indeed, it feeds on larvae and other unwanted animals. In addition, molehill soil is perfect for our flower pots. However, if you’re still determined to hunt it, here are some natural tips for adopting.

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How do you keep moles away in the garden?

animal hair

It’s the beginning of summer and your pet is losing its hair? Instead of tossing them in the trash, use them to repel garden pests. Before, place the hairballs of your dog or cat in the molehills. The scent will quickly repel moles that have settled on your lawn. Good news, it also works with your hair and kitty litter.

repellent plants

To ward off moles, you can: plant bulbs with strong odors. This is the case with garlic, hyacinth, fritillaria, onion or daffodil. Another effective and waste-free tip: place the garlic, onion or shallot peels in the molehills.

Older manure

How to fight against moles in the garden? By making an elderberry fertilizer. This is a natural and effective repellent to repel these pests that plague your lawn. To do this, macerate 1 kg of elderberry leaf (Sambucus nigra) in 10 liters of rainwater. Once this is done, place the mixture in the shade and at room temperature (20-23°C) for 5-10 days, stirring every other day. Here all you have to do is pour the preparation into the molehills.

The plastic bottle

Here’s a great way to recycle your water bottles: plant them in the garden. Indeed, this simple trick makes it possible to:keep unwanted people away with noise† To do this, plant a wooden stick in the molehill and place the bottle on it (near the neck). With the wind, the bottle will move and disturb the rest of the animal.

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Note that it is often advisable to plant castor or use castor oil cake to keep moles away. But this is a false good idea because it is one of the most poisonous plants, especially for pets. So we forget! By the way, here are 15 poisonous plants that you shouldn’t have in your house if you have a dog or that you shouldn’t plant in the garden.

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