From seed to cream, Beauty Garden designs its cosmetics with ingredients from the vegetable garden

What if the ingredients for your cosmetics come from a vegetable garden in Corrèze? Desiring to design their products from “seed to cream”, Beauty Garden has been offering vegan, organic and local cosmetics and care since 2014. Objective ? Create healthy and refreshing products that meet your skin’s environmental challenges and needs. Marie Bardou Chazalette, at the origin of the project, tells us more about this French company that brings all the benefits of the garden into your bathroom. Discovery

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Marie, I’m 35 years old and I’ve been part of the Beauty Garden adventure since the beginning, when it was just a little seed. To grow it, I took care of the development of the products with herbal medicine expert Carole, as well as their marketing.

Photo: Carole and Marie © Beauty Garden

In the Beauty Garden team, we are all “Swiss Army knives” and organic enthusiasts. Such as Marine, a sales assistant and also a graduate in aesthetics, or Gabrielle who provides customer service and has experience in tourism and luxury hotels… This allows you to bring a lot of skills and cool ideas into the brand. As for my background, I have a degree in Cultural Heritage Preservation, as well as experience in digital start-ups abroad. And at the moment I am in the process of completing the training for the naturopathic diploma.

Can you introduce us to Beauty Garden?

Since 2014, we have been committed to making the healthiest cosmetics possible for the skin and the planet. In summary, the project is really to offer cosmetics that meet the environmental challenges, without losing sight of natural pleasure, effectiveness and the beauty of the skin. True luxury is a cosmetic that promotes local, organic ingredients and artisan know-how. And this is exactly our project and our vision for the cosmetics of today and tomorrow.

The whole team is fully committed every day to go further and further in our commitments. Sometimes even on elements invisible to consumers… We collect rainwater to water our plants, we worked with our suppliers to eliminate plastic during the delivery of pots and Baptiste, the horticulturist of the team has created a new gate using only recycled materials.

Photo: © Valérie Lefort / Beauty Garden

Why did you decide to embark on this adventure?

Organic cosmetics did not appeal to everyone in 2014 and sometimes even had a somewhat bad name in terms of sensory perception†Personally, I had a hard time finding a cosmetic that met all my criteria, for example with a planet-friendly packaging.

Bernard Mas is the man who created this beautiful idea of ​​​​beauty in the garden… He also invited us, Carole and me, to his vegetable garden in Auriac (19 ), and offered us this beautiful challenge: that of growing cosmetics from seed to cream. The dream adventure, impossible to refuse!

Photo: © Dan Courtice / Beauty Garden

Today, there are plenty of organic brands that make effective, innovative, ethical cosmetics. And at Beauty Garden, we are all proud to be a part of this incredible adventure that offers a new way to consume cosmetics.

What message do you want to convey with Beauty Garden?

We can consume less cosmetics, but better by choosing local and certified organic production. And to be hydrated, the skin prefers a noble ingredient like a macerate of calendula flowers or cucumber juice rather than an ingredient derived from petrochemicals. When you choose organic cosmetics, you choose ethical production methods. Our ingredients all come from nature and are grown without pesticides.

You are looking for cosmetics as dedicated as you † Visit The Trust Society’s website to view the natural, organic and vegan care from Beauty Garden

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