From Jakarta to Rio, this immersive and inspiring site invites you to walk the streets of the world

Due to the pandemic, the possibilities to travel are reduced. So to escape the thoughts of those eager to discover new cultures and new people, the City Walks website (literally “city walks”) should please you.

There you can choose a city from a hundred choices ranging from Berlin, Germany to Wuhan, China, via Florence (Italy), Jakarta (Indonesia), Kiev (Ukraine) or Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). You will then be on the road day and night. One option even allows you to discover any city in the world in times of confinement.

The platform also offers an educational aspect. It makes internet users aware of sexism in public space. By clicking “In her shoes”, you are now in a woman’s place at a market in Cairo, Egypt. “Around the world, a simple walk down the street is the beginning of the biggest problems women face every day because of the way they look or the way they dress”specifies the platform.

Grouped virtual walks

To push the inspiring immersion experience to its limits, City Walks has finally set up virtual walks, all in the company of other people you can chat with. Register via email via the special calendar so you don’t miss the start! Next stop: Bangkok, Thailand.

See you there?

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