French brand Jay&Joy releases a plant-based alternative to maroilles, the “Jean-Jacques”

A new faux magician has made an appearance in Jay&Joy’s sophisticated family: Jean-Jacques. Founded in 2015, the “first plant-based creamery in France” offers vegan alternatives to cheese made from almond milk and cashews, including three “aged” cheeses: Jeanne, Jil and Jos├ęphine. Jean-Jacques, the youngest, is inspired by the traditional Maroilles from the north of France. This vegetable alternative has a washed skin with an orange color and is presented with “salty and subtly garlicky notes”.

The Jean-Jacques was officially released in February 2022 in the company’s e-shop and has since also been sold in the Jay&Joy store in Paris (11th) and in several specialist supermarkets. All of the brand’s faux mages are certified organic and vegan and handmade in Compi├Ęgne. Jay&Joy products are also exported to Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

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