Freedge Beauty, the brand that turns squeezed juices into cosmetics

How about giving your skin a good cocktail of vitamins? This is the concept of the Freedge Beauty brand, which offers a whole range of fresh, natural and seasonal treatments. Made on demand, these cosmetics are distinguished by their high concentration of freshly squeezed juices to provide strength and nutrients to all skin types. Strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, raspberries and blueberries will quickly become your best allies.

“Eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day for your health!”† Everyone knows that this dietary recommendation can also apply to skin health, to glow inside and out thanks to the invaluable powers of nature. One thing that the Freedge Beauty brand has not taken lightly, has made the bold choice to start producing fresh, natural cosmetics and ultra-concentrated in organic plants. A true vitamin boost without an extension formula, intended for all needs and all skin types, and part of the increasingly coveted concept of holistic beauty.

From the gardener to your bathroom

As you would make your squeezed juice every morning, Freege Beauty designs its cosmetics. The three partners behind this start-up, all of whom worked for cosmetics giants such as L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble or Johnson & Johnson, have come up with a range of fresh cosmetics made from fruits and vegetables. seasonal and grown in France in a short circuit approach. Not content with the preference for quality plants, the brand also participates in the development of the local economy.

In more detail, the plants selected for their many skin benefits are grown in France before they leave for the place of production, the Pressoir, a stone’s throw from Clermont-Ferrand, where they are peeled and then cooled pressed to retain maximum nutrients. Thanks to a patented process, each of the facial products is formulated with a high concentration of squeezed juices, from 74% for the jelly to 92% for the serums. Last step, shipping. After being packed in small containers, they arrive at the customer within 48 hours to be stored in the refrigerator… like real vitamin cocktails.

For every fruit its advantage

With its high concentration of beta-carotene, carrots not only provide a radiant complexion, but they also prepare the skin for the sun and especially – partly – protect it against free radicals. The cucumber offers thirst-quenching properties to rehydrate dry skin, while the strawberry firms, balances and protects the epidermis… Suffice it to say that the benefits of fruits and vegetables are as numerous as there are varieties, what a natural beauty routine without allergens or chemical elements.

These are all the plants that make up Freege Beauty’s cleansers, masks, serums, creams, eye contours and integral cures. With formulas of course, which change with the seasons. Melon in the summer, pumpkin in the fall, orange in the winter… your bathroom will be full of plants just as quickly as your plate.

Note that in another register, the cosmetic brand Lush was also launched a few years ago in fresh beauty products, for body, face and hair, reconstituted from natural ingredients, fresh, made from fruits, plants or vegetables.

(ETX Daily Up)

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