François Morel responds to the Ehpad scandal in a poignant and poignant column

the gravediggers makes the nursing homes tremble. This research book denounces the alarming excesses of the system set up by ORPEA, the number 1 private nursing home. An abhorrent system that, according to the revelations of journalist Victor Castanet, would mistreat our elderly. In response, François Morel delivers a poignant and poignant chronicle.

This Friday, January 28, 2022, two days after the publication of this spirited book, the comedian, actor and columnist of France Inter wanted to respond. To share his outrage, he imagined what Cosette’s everyday life (the novel’s symbolic character) might be like. the wretched by Victor Hugo) if she were 100 years old today.

Cosette would probably be in an Ehpad, lost in thought, lonely, wounded by her bedsores, and desperate for the company of caretakers. This is how François Morel imagines the sad end of this woman’s life, and of so many others. In this way, it pays tribute to the residents of retirement homes who, as Victor Castanet’s research shows, would be neglected, neglected and mistreated by the system set up by ORPEA.

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“Cosette who is 100 years old. Cosette who has bedsores. Sometimes she cries, Cosette. She calls Fantine. Fantine! Fantine! The life assistant is upstairs. She can’t be everywhere. When she arrives, she is angry. She’s out of breath. She says you’re not alone. Fantine! Fantine! Who is that Fantine, she asks him. It is my mother who answers them, it is my little mother who has suffered so much. »

“Cosette is crying in her bed. His bedsores hurt him. The lady told her she is not alone. While she is all alone, Cosette, because she no longer has her mother, who died a long time ago. She says I peed. He was told you already had two diapers today. I don’t know answers Cosette. We tell him we’ll see later. You must rest now. You are not alone. »

“Cosette thinks of Jean Valjean who is so nice. And to Marius who is her lover. Everything is mixed up in his head. She turns in her bed. His bedsores hurt him. She smells like urine. She calls her mother, Jean Valjean and Marius and the caretaker. But no one answers him. If so, everyone is dead. »

Brilliant and overwhelming.

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