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For this April 1 workshop small origami fish… We’ll leave that up to you, it can be handy.

Bye everyone! On April 1, we thought you might be interested in this fun little tutorial to learn how to make a funny and cute origami (April Fish).

This very easy to make tutorial will allow you to have fun, entertain your children and/or your loved ones. We officially disclaim any responsibility for any fish that could potentially end up in your (or your significant other’s or children’s) backs.

To complete this tutorial, you will need a 6″ x 6″ origami sheet (or at least an A4 sheet that you previously converted into a square). For the rest, all you need is your ten fingers (and a little bit of joking).

In short, we leave that to you, it can be useful and we are sure that you can use it appropriately and responsibly.

Do you like origami and want to discover other tutorials? We invite you to discover and subscribe to Laetitutos’ channel on YouTube. Nicely observated!

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John is a Gamer And A Writer By Heart. He Writes News Articles On Receivinghelpdesk And Also Specializes In Writing Tech and entertainment-related topics. He Loves Watching Movies And Shows. Definitely A Complete Extrovert.

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