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For Easter, here’s how to easily fold origami bubbles

And now Easter is already here! That’s why we invite you to discover a simple and easy tutorial to learn how to fold an origami bell. This small paper bell is a nice decoration for the Easter table and also allows you to have a pleasant and friendly creative workshop with your children.

Bells are part of the traditional symbolism of Easter in the Catholic religion. The reason is quite simple. From Maundy Thursday, the church bells are stopped for 3 days in honor of the death of Jesus. Then they start ringing again from Easter Sunday.

To make this origami with Easter bell, you need an origami sheet measuring 15 cm by 15 cm. You can use a colored, two-tone, or patterned sheet. For the dimension it is of course optional. Origami can be done with a larger or smaller sheet (as long as the folding does not become microscopic). If you don’t have an origami sheet, you can easily turn an A4 sheet into a square.

Come on, let’s go for the tutorial! Look.

They are cute these little paper bubbles, don’t you think?

Do you like origami and want to discover other tutorials? We invite you to discover and subscribe to the Laetitutos.fr website, the Laetitutos channel on YouTube. Nicely observated!

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