Fires in Gironde: farmers from Lot-et-Garonne help firefighters

More than a week after the fires broke out in Gironde, firefighters can count on the support of farmers in their own department but also in Lot-et-Garonne. One of them tells RTL.

The fires in the Gironde continue to destroy the fauna and flora of the region. 850 firefighters are deployed day and night to evacuate residents or get the fires under control, reports the shipment. So any help is welcome. The firefighters could count on the intervention of a neighboring department. Farmers from Lot-et-Garonne have indeed joined the firefighters who work aboard their tractors in Gironde, as one farmer told RTL:

“With friends we said to ourselves ‘why not help them?’ We saw on social networks that local farmers were going to supply the fire brigade, so because with Lucas and Gaëtan (two farmers) we have great tank capacities, we said to ourselves ‘come on, we left and we’re going to do what we can.”

Supply to the fire brigade

Farmers on the ground were able to help the fire brigade “at the tanker”. She flooded ditches and verges to prevent further spread of fires already under control.

The farmers of Lot-et-Garonne are not the first to support the firefighters. Also in Girdonde, local farm tractors helped put out the fires.

More than 20,000 hectares of forest have gone up in smoke for more than a week. 40,000 people were forced to flee their homes, RTL recalls.

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