Famileo: discovery of a family and personalized newspaper that makes our elderly happy

While in France 2 million people over 60 have no contact with their family or friends, according to the latest report of Little Brothers of the Poor in 2021, family wants to break through the isolation of the elderly and maintain the bond between generations. How ? By letting children and grandchildren send news to their parents via a personalized paper newspaper. An original concept we already told you about here and that is attracting more and more families around the world. Caroline Abgrall, Communications Officer at Famileo, presents this great social adventure.

Famileo was founded in 2015 by Tanguy de Gélis and Armel de Lesquen. At the time, Tanguy had offered his grandmother a tablet so she could view the photos of her children and grandchildren, but he soon realized she wasn’t using it. Because for her, nothing replaces postcards. Tanguy de Gélis then came up with the idea to create a concept that “connects new technologies and preserves the spirit of paper to meet the habits of new generations as well as the needs of the elderly”says Caroline who continues: “This is how the newspaper was born familya family diary that does not replace home visits or phone calls, but maintains the link between generations.

Photo: © Nino Mahaut / Famileo

A family newspaper to grow the bond between generations

Familiao works the same way as a social network, that is, everyone is free to post their messages and photos. A total of 30 messages can be sent per gazette, or the equivalent of 16 pages that the elderly person receives at home or at home. To subscribe to Famileo, go to the website and sign up for one of these three formulas:

  • Monthly (most used): a gazette every 4 weeks for € 5.99 per month
  • Semi-monthly: Shipped every 2 weeks for €9.99/month
  • Weekly: Shipped weekly for €17.99/month

Once the subscription has been completed and the information sheet has been completed, the user will receive a “family” code to be sent to all family members (siblings, children, grandchildren, etc.). From that moment on, all invited members can access the application and post the messages and photos of their choice† The official gazette will then be sent on the date of registration. “Currently, almost 40,000 family newspapers are printed per week and reach seniors within 3 to 5 working days. †says Caroline proud of the progress made.

Photo: © Thomas Millet / Familieo

Intergenerational and accessible to everyone, Famileo is both intended for autonomous elderly people, residents of nursing homes† Famileo also works with 2,300 nursing homes across France. The goal: to enable residents’ families to offer them a gazette to keep in touch outside of the visits. Since 2017, Famileo has also been there for all families who want to maintain the bond with their elderly, regardless of whether they stay in a residence or not. In total, 185,000 families are subscribed to the newspaper

This is the case of Christine, a user for three years at Famileo. With the help of the whole family, she sends the newspaper to her father Yves. † It was my adult daughters who wanted to subscribe to Famileo to please their grandfather by sharing their photos and those of their great-grandchildren. It was their Christmas present to him ”, she explains to us before concluding:

“It’s a good way to maintain the link between the generations. My father is delighted to get the newspaper in his letterbox, to read and re-read it to follow the progress of the children…. And we, it makes us happy to rediscover the gazettes when we visit him. †

Christine, Family subscriber

Photo: © Nino Mahaut / Famileo

Since the launch of the gazette in 2015, Famileo now wants to continue to develop internationally (United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, United States) and forge links with families all over the world through its family newspaper.

Want clings more to your grandparents and family † To discover family and start your loved ones on this amazing family and human adventure by writing your own family magazine!

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