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Facing GAFAM, Infomaniak makes its suite of tools accessible to everyone

Want to regain control of your data without losing your work habits? Need powerful tools that are pleasant to use? This is what Infomaniak offers you kDrivea cloud developed and hosted in Switzerland, ad-free and free for life. Coming with 35 GB of storage and a 20 GB messaging system, the alternative pokes its nose at the tech giants by respecting your personal data.

File storage, document creation and sharing, online tables and presentations, video conferencing service, Infomaniak’s productivity tools are no different from the tools you are used to working with. Remember, we already told you about it when kDrive launched in 2020. As with the Microsoft 365 or Google WorkSpace suite, Infomaniak’s solutions allow you to communicate, work and store all your documents and photos online. The difference ? It is now Accessible for free with a total of 35 GB storage space without revealing your personal information.

Visual: © Infomaniak

A complete and safe collaborative workspace

“Here you have the guarantee that your data will not be analyzed for advertising purposes and not sold to third parties : Here’s the promise Infomaniak made to its users as soon as they register. And rightly so, the company’s business model is based solely on selling its paid solutions (accommodation, cloud infrastructure, cloud backup solution, online ticketing, etc.).

For Thomas Jacobsen, communications director at Infomaniak, “It’s not just about ensuring the security and confidentiality of your data, it’s about: choose companies committed to ecology and who create jobs and pay their taxes in Europewithout moving development or support”† He strives: “When talking about data sovereignty, it’s important to consider at least four dimensions: where the data is stored, what software processes it, the legal strength of the company that manages the infrastructure and software development, and how the company is financed. .

The argument is big, especially when we use these tools every day in our company on behalf of customers and when we know that some data can be sensitive… Fortunately, at Infomaniak everything is managed in Switzerland and the company is exclusively owned by its employees

Visual: © Infomaniak

The alternative is developed and hosted in Switzerland and offers a total of 35 GB of storage space spread over the cloud (15GB) and the courier service (20GB). Overview of available services:

  • kDrive: to easily collaborate online, store and share your files
  • E-mail: to check your email everywhere
  • Calendar: to organize your calendar between your different devices
  • contacts: to access all your contacts from your devices
  • kMeasure: to organize and record online meetings securely and without time limits
  • Swiss transfer: to share large files up to 50 GB
  • kPaste: to encrypt and share sensitive data such as passwords

And to guarantee a maximum security level for its users, the data hosted on kDrive is, encrypted on the servers and stored permanently on three other supports. If necessary, a system of version control allows you to restore an earlier version of a file stored in the cloud, making this cloud one of the safest and most secure in Europe.

Infomaniak’s interfaces are intuitive and neat. Visual: © Infomaniak

Infomaniac, an ethical cloud that respects the environment

While digital represents 4% of greenhouse gas emissions every year, Infomaniak takes concrete action to reduce the ecological impact as much as possible. Certified by the ISO 14001 and 50001 standards, which relate to environmental management and energy management respectively, the company uses only renewable electricity and compensates 200% all its CO2 emissions via myclimate.org. Data centers are cooled without air conditioning, thanks to ambient air.

Visual: © Infomaniak

In fact, the company is committed to extend the life of its servers up to 15 years by replacing the parts instead of throwing away whole machines. Next step for Infomaniak: fully recover the heat from the servers of its future data center and deploy a solar power plant with a capacity of 600 kW in one of its data centers. For Boris Siegenthaler, co-founder and strategic director of Infomaniak “It is urgent tojoint action for the environment and biodiversity† The meaning of life is to achieve sustainable things, at least for a company”

How it works ?

To create a (free) account, go to Etik.com and enter your first name, last name, mobile phone number and choose an email address that ends in @ik.me, @etik .com or @ ikmail.com. Once on the Infomaniak email interface, it is possible to sync your email across all your devices.

You will then have access to the entire Infomaniak ecosystem and the famous kDrive. On the storage space, you can also download the application to permanently or on-demand synchronize the files of your choice and thus save huge amounts of data in the cloud, without overloading your computer’s disk space, be it on Windows, macOS or Linux .

Do you want to regain control of your tools? Meeting on the Infomaniak website and access the free kDrive cloud, the best alternative to GAFAM, with an email address fully managed in Switzerland

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