European citizens demand a living wage for those who make our clothes

Living wage for those who make our clothes. This is the request of a European citizens’ initiative called “Good Clothes, Fair Pay”. It was launched on Tuesday, July 19 and will be held for over a year. Objective ? Get the signature of a million European citizens to call on the European Commission to introduce legislation in this area, we read in a press release.

“Today, the people who make our clothes don’t get a living wage, but a pittance.” So to change things, a coalition of European citizens, supported by the NGOs Fashion Revolution France and Max Havelaar France, took the lead. mobilize a million people about the subject. With the aim of: the creation of European legislation aimed at better pay the workers who make the clothes we wear.

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No more waiting for brand engagement

“Workers in the textile and fashion industry, 80% of whom are women, earn on average half of what they need to support themselves and their families”we can read in a press release. “The the current legal minimum wages in this sector, set by the governments of clothing-producing countries, are not enough to live on.”

For Catherine Dauriac, President of Fashion Revolution France, one of the structures responsible for the campaign in France, it’s no longer time to wait for brands to take responsibility. She explains :

For too long, brands have promised to do the right thing. But even today, the average salary of people working in the textile and fashion sector is only 0.6% of the cost of a fast-fashion t-shirt. Fashion consumers are increasingly uncomfortable with this. They want to feel good about the clothes they wear, but can’t tell if the person who made their jeans was paid fairly for their day-to-day work. The ‘Good Clothes, Fair Payments’ campaign offers consumers the opportunity to call for change. »

Catherine Dauriac, President of Fashion Revolution France

Specifically: “Good Clothes, Fair Pay” campaigns for the implementation of European legislation to:forcing companies the sale of clothing, but also textiles or shoes on the territory of the European Union, Bee “take living wage measures in their supply chains, regardless of where these products are produced”.

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