Elon Musk mobilizes his service via satellite to restore the internet connection of the Ukrainian people

Even if internet access is currently maintained in good conditions in Ukraine, the war could well lead to a more or less severe austerity. The high-speed access service via the American satellite Starlink could come to the aid of the government and part of the population if necessary. Anyway, this is what Elon Musk says on Twitter: “The Starlink service is now operating in Ukraine. Various equipment is already on its way…”

In the event of a signal failure on Earth, Internet access for the Ukrainian people could come out of the blue. Intensive bombings but also hacking actions could indeed deprive the population, or at least part of it, of access to the internet in the coming days. One of the solutions to fix this would be to access satellites. This is exactly what Starlink offers, the service of which is therefore activated in Ukraine.

However, to take advantage of this, you must have a special antenna on the ground, preferably high (at the top of a building, on a fence, etc.). It can then easily and quickly receive the signal from the room. In fact, the simple clear view of the sky should be enough to operate this receiver, without any special settings.

The cost of this operation for governments, professionals and individuals wishing to use it is yet to be known, as a Starlink subscription is relatively high, ranging from $99 to $499 per month in the United States, depending on the quality of the service. selected flow. † Will Elon Musk act selflessly?

Starlink has already deployed nearly 2,000 satellites into low Earth orbit, at an altitude of about 550 km. The ultimate goal of the service is to be able to cover almost the entire habitable surface of the world. As a reminder, this program is an integral part of SpaceX, Elon Musk’s famous aerospace company. This project involves putting telecommunications satellites into orbit to provide high-speed Internet access to all populations, including the most isolated.

Do you want to help the Ukrainian people? This article tells you how.

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