Ehpad: François Morel “drives the point home” and deplores the inaction of the authorities

On January 26, the publication of a book survey caused a veritable tsunami amid private retirement homes. Her name ? the gravediggersby Victor Castanet. And at a time when the state is just beginning to investigate, François Morel, meanwhile, is outraged by this latency.

Why is control of nursing homes so weak in France? Here’s a question that’s been in a loop since the ORPEA group scandal. And if the dark truth has (finally) come to light, it is not thanks to the authorities responsible for the investigation and control, but thanks to Victor Castanet, an independent journalist.

A week to the day after his poignant and poignant column paying tribute to the lonely, neglected and abused elderly in nursing homes, François Morel “drives the point home” France Inter. Coming Friday, February 4, the comedian, actor and columnist points to the passivity of the government. A government that has finally decided to come out of the silence and act under the pressure of scandal.


“There is a Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention, an organization supervised by the Ministry of Economy and Finance for Recovery. It’s funny that we have to wait for the release of a book to take care of a dossier for which we are responsible. »

“An investigation in May 2021 […] In the past six years, 900 complaints about the conditions of medical-social support followed. The report, which made 64 recommendations to improve care for people in EHPADs, did not spark a media explosion. However, the government’s response was not long in coming. »

“This book, in the months, years to come, it will also be necessary to keep it in mind not only to denounce these abhorrent practices, but to try to make them impossible, to verify in fact , not just in the statements, the response of politicians.”

Still just as impactful. To discover François Morel’s column following Victor Castanet’s research, go here.

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