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Educational games: Pandacraft launches a new collection for children aged 1-3

The first three years is all about discovering and amazing! Motor skills, language, self-confidence, at this age every subject matter counts for your child. And precisely to help him take his first steps in our world, Pandacraft conceived and designed it an “Awakening” series for 1-3 year olds suitable for all stages of development. Focus on experiences that are as fun for kids as they are for their parents!

How about taking your child on an incredible adventure with Bamboo and Lani and eight other hilarious animals such as Coco the giraffe, Titou the octopus, Pop the crocodile and Doudi the elephant? These characters probably don’t mean anything to you, but they’ll take your kid anyway discover the world and oneself. During this extraordinary journey they will discover, each at their own pace:

Photo: © Pandacraft

Fishing, pendulum, puzzles, bath games, pyramid of cubes, hodgepodge, dolls and nightmare catcher, do you remember all those games you once played? Now it’s your kids’ turn to make them their own and learn while having fun with reinvented essentials! Presented in the form of activities, each experience corresponds to three months internship and includes:

  • Two custom wake up games designed according to your child’s theme and age
  • A book for the child, with a story and the scenario of the games
  • A 30-page guide for parents

In total: eight songs for accompany the children like their parents in their early years of discovery. Once unpacked, the songs from Pandacraft’s “Awakening” series immerse you in a childish, cheerful and colorful universe. And it is not without reason that they were illustrated by the talented youth artist Pintachan.

Photo: © Pandacraft

We tested “the colors” for you with Kara

The games are barely undone, little Tess (23 months) immediately grabs the wooden rod. The fishing for colors can then begin. Red and yellow is okay! What about blue and green? It’s not so easy to tell them apart… As experience progresses and through perseverance, Tess begins to understand the principle: distinguish and identify colors. While learning the language, she even knows how to name the colours: yellow, red, blue, green. It’s flawless, congratulations Tess!

For the concentration we go back. After 10 minutes (which is a good thing) his attention is already distracted by a game of hide and seek with his godfather. But that’s okay, because with Pandacraft it’s each at their own pace. Indeed, in its parent guide, the brand recommends not forcing the child to stay focused on the activity. It is always a good opportunity to spend time together again. We will therefore resume it later with “the first work of art”. A scientific and artistic experience in which Tess learns to create colors by mixing them with water pipettes and will create her very first painting.

Photo: © Pandacraft

Educational content designed with early childhood experts

To design these 2.0 early learning games, Pandacraft called on several youth professionals on concepts such as motor skills, cognition, play, language and sharing. We even find some of their valuable advice in the guide for parents, who are never far away… And it’s not for nothing that the “Awakening” range has also been designed so that you love to play with your child and to naturally guide it in its awakening.

Early expert advice, nursery rhymes, DIY, explanations, suggestions for activities to do and redo endlessly, nothing is left to chance by the brand, which promises to live you up beautiful moments of complicity with your child. For Thibault and Eva, the parents of little Tess, “It was a real moment of family conviviality”. They continue: “She already knew colors well and that allowed her to explore things around colors, especially with the second activity where she learned that you could mix them together and give a color to a white paper.”

To continue learning, they are already planning to do the activities suggested at the end of the guide for parents: “It gives us a lot of ideas that we wouldn’t necessarily have thought of! » Special mention to fishing for corks in the tub!

The Pandacraft Pedagogy

Convinced that the fulfillment of every child comes from the active discovery of the world and of themselves, Pandacraft has set itself the mission of supporting all children aged 1 to 12 in their learning process! For this, the company designs educational and creative kits to discover the world.

  • The “Explore” kits for 3-7 year olds: creative activities to do with four hands. Accompanied by an educational magazine to learn to read.
  • The “Makers” kits for 8-12 year olds: activities to manipulate, to understand for yourself… And an educational magazine to answer their questions and satisfy their curiosity.
  • And now the “Awakening” range for 1-3 year olds: 8 quarterly issues with games, advice for parents and stories, to grow, have fun and finally blossom.

Unlike its big sisters that are on a monthly basis, the latter is accessible with a quarterly subscription with no commitment at €33 or €30 each month with the 1-year commitment.

With its new Awakening collection, Pandacraft takes on a new challenge: helping your toddlers take their first steps in the world. During each experience, the goal remains the same: to create curiosity children, put their creativity and their trust in them, through activities collaborativethat stimulate the exchange between the parent and his child.

Do you have a child between 1 and 3 years old? Do you want to spend a nice and privileged moment with him? Go to the Pandacraft website and Discover the “Awakening” range to accompany your child in his first years of discovery !

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