Educational, funny and inspiring, discover four podcasts to listen to with your kids this summer

What could be better than podcasts to keep kids entertained during the holidays, while keeping them away from screens. Here is a selection of programs, educational and fun, for young ears.

“Curious little ones”

“Say mom/dad, why is it…?” Toddlers often ask a thousand and one questions of the adults around them…for their greatest pleasure. The “Petits Curious” podcast can save them from embarrassing situations by simply answering (more or less) existential questions kids ask themselves. Why don’t train seats have seat belts? Is it possible to touch a rainbow? What color should you wear to be less warm? The answer in a minute or so.

“Tell Me Something Stupid”

Toddlers often find it hard to believe that their parents were once children like them. In the “Tell Me a Stupidity” podcast, adults remember the jokes they used to make when they were the size of three apples. Anonymous lend themselves to the game of confessions, as do celebrities like Philippe Geluck, Thomas VBD or Joyce Jonathan. Enough to give (bad but funny) ideas to young listeners.

“The Odyssey”

Ulysses is not the only one to have experienced an odyssey. Many historical figures such as Lady Stanhope, David Livingstone and Tomoe Gozen have had adventures worthy of the best Hollywood movies. The podcast “Les Odyssées” tells them to children from 7 to 12 years in a short format, as playful as it is rich in lessons.

“Beasts of Science”

The animal world fascinates children, and even adults. Did you know, for example, that dogs can detect lies or that wild dogs are an example of democracy? “Beasts of Science” deciphers the often surprising behavior of animals like the cuckoo, panda, naked mole-rat, and blob (even if this organism isn’t strictly an animal). An educational program led by Gaby Fabresse and Agatha Liévin-Bazin.

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