Eating without breaking the bank: the majority of the French population is in favor of anti-waste baskets

Buy near-expired groceries to lighten your wallet. This is the technique that is becoming increasingly popular among French women and men to secure their purchasing power. A technique that at the same time helps to combat food waste.

Would you be willing to buy a product that is approaching its best before date (BBD) at a discounted price? Quite a few French women and men would like to see this offer on the shelves of their supermarkets more often, according to a new OpinionWay study, commissioned by the company Smartway, which fights against food waste.

According to this survey, 86% of respondents believe that offers on products that are nearing the expiration date should be more frequent in food stores. Also according to the survey, 87% of the French population is willing to prefer a store with an anti-waste policy and 84% think that major retailers should offer more ‘surprise’ boxes of short-term food products.

Eat without breaking the bank

Indeed, anti-waste boxes are on the rise, especially since the rise of the now famous Phénix or To Good To Go companies. that allows people to share food with each other.

Or the e-shop, which collects unsold items, through producers and/or distributors, and promises discounts of up to 50% (or even free samples if the order amount exceeds 30 euros).

These offers are therefore attracting more and more French men and women. It must be said that they have the dual benefit of letting the population eat without breaking the bank, while limiting food waste. Every year in France about 150 kg of food ends up in the trash per person, which amounts to an amount of 16 billion euros.

Study conducted on April 13 and 14, 2022, with a sample of 1051 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over.

(ETX Daily Up)

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