Each One connects business needs with those of refugees

While in 2019 less than one in five French (18%) believed that newly welcomed refugees would adapt to French society, today the reality is very different. According to INSEE, the number of refugees in France in 2020 was 42.2%. Faced with these prejudices, everyone wants to reveal “the potential of human diversity” by facilitating the meeting between the needs of companies and those of refugees and newcomers. explanation.

The company on a mission is convinced of this: Refugees (nearly 2 million in France) are a pool of varied skills for companies in need of talent and sectors in tension are a great job opportunity for new entrants. So to connect companies and talents, each has come up with different solutions:

  • Training for refugees and newcomers in recruiting professions or in sectors under stress.
  • An inclusion project based on recruitment needs for companies that need talent.

A true mediator and actor of inclusion, each ignores prejudice to give way to a new model of win-win professional inclusion.

Photo: © Doriant Prost / Each One

A win-win professional inclusion model

To connect the needs of companies with those of new entrants, Each One offers the latter a four-month professional training with a partner company to train a new profession. The goal for them? To develop skills sought in sectors under pressure† Interns from each One’s partner company, they will then be able to develop in the company and why not get a job there at the end of their education.

It is also for companies a real lever for performance and impact, especially when this inclusion coincides with their CSR projects as we told you here. Today, 91% of partner companies renew their partnership with each One and give refugees the opportunity to integrate into the professional world in the long term.

“We enable refugees and newcomers to find sustainable work that matches their skills and companies to recruit the talents that make them stronger, more resilient and more sustainable.”

Théo Scubla – Co-Founder and CEO of Each One

Since 2015, the company has helped more than 2,000 talents find work across France. Elke One aims to support nearly 10,000 refugees and newcomers a year towards sustainable employment by 2025, and 100,000 by 2030.

Know more about the inclusion of refugees and newcomers † Visit the Each One website and discover its innovative solutions in question recruitment and inclusion

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