Drought: allowed to water its lawn, a golf course prefers to accept the yellowing of its fairways

While a large number of farmers are subject to a ban on irrigating their fields and golf courses, they retain the right to water their lawns. An anomaly that provokes quite a bit of outrage… even in the golf world. Example in Haute-Garonne where the director of a job decided to turn most of his lawn yellow.

In the Haute-Garonne, exactly France 3, the prefecture authorizes watering golf courses between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. and asks for a 15 to 30% reduction in water consumption. However, in Buzet-sur-Tarn, near Toulouse, Guillaume Sajus wanted to go much further. Director of the Palmola golf course, he decided to save 80% water. How ? By watering only the greens and tees, ie only 3 hectares of the 35 hectares that make up the land. Result: most of the golf course has already turned yellow. But for Guillaume Sajus it just makes sense.

I’ve always fought against dictating neon green on golf courses, even in the summer.

Source: France 3

Playing on yellow instead of green is just a detail and Guillaume Sajus is confident the trend will gain ground.

Recently I saw that the Gulf of Saint Andrews in Scotland, the golf mecca in the world, also had courses yellowed by the sun without affecting the players and the public.

Source: France 3

When water runs out, it’s time to redefine priorities and promote common sense. An exemplary initiative.

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