Do you have chickens? Save their droppings to make natural fertilizer in the garden.

Not only the chicken eggs are useful to their owners. Did you know that their urine and feces can be useful in the garden? Loaded with nitrogen, these droppings are indeed an excellent natural fertilizer.

To get a good balance, mix your chickens’ urine (or even your own) according to the ratio of 1 liter of urine to 10 liters of water. And there you go! All you have to do is water your vegetables that are already in your vegetable garden. However, do not water your seedlings with this fertilizer: they may die.

Return to the hen house, where you can also collect the straw and excrement from your faithful companions. Again, the nitrogen contained in the hens’ droppings makes it possible to promote the growth of vegetables, especially those with leaves, such as salads. However, this natural fertilizer is very potent so it is better to deposit it at the beginning of the season so that the soil can absorb it well.

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Urine and chicken droppings: excellent natural fertilizers!

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Posted by France 5 on Tuesday 17 May 2022

In the garden and in the vegetable garden, think of natural alternatives to grow your vegetables and take care of your plants.

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