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Do you have a kit project? Here’s everything you need to know before you get started.

Do you want to invest in ecological and sustainable living? If the tiny house does not meet your needs, you can opt for the kit house, which is much more spacious and just as original. Here’s everything you need to know before buying your dream home.

What types of kit houses?


Do you want to opt for self-build? This option is ideal for do-it-yourselfers and offers two significant benefits. First of all are you free to build the house of your dreams to your taste and wishes, and secondly, you save a lot of work. But beware, be aware that do-it-yourself builders are not bankers’ preferred customers. The reason ? There is no ten-year warranty (ie the law against damage arising after acceptance of the works by the client for 10 years).

If you buy your house as a kit without credit, that’s no problem. Otherwise, make a list of banks that agree to finance a DIY project (don’t panic, it exists).

“From the water from the sky”

Second option often suggested by kit builders, the “water from the sky”. In this case, the accommodation will be delivered with roofs and walls (protected from water) as well as doors and windows (and air). So it is watertight, watertight and the construction has to be finished by you (hydraulic and electrical installation, partitions, furniture and sometimes the insulation).

You will understand that if you are not a handyman or handyman, you are probably an electrician, plumber, etc. Keep in mind that the price of the “out of the water from the sky” is slightly higher than that of home construction.

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Keys in hand

Finally, for those who don’t want to interfere with the work, know that most builders offer to deliver your home to you as a ready-to-build kit. In other words, you don’t have more than putting down your bags because the kitchen, shower and toilet are even installed. However, you will have to make the screed to accommodate your future home. Count about 35,000 euros more for a ready-made option.

Note that for these three types of building kits, the builder is responsible for transporting and delivering all the materials needed for construction (account for an average of 10,000 euros for delivery). For DIY and “out of water from the air” an assembly book with precise instructions will be provided to you.

How much is it ?

Do you want to buy a house in a kit? Know that depending on your region, you can save up to 25% on “water from the sky” and up to 30% on DIY. Calculate average 600 to 1,200 €/m² for wood or solid wood frame. The lowest price is for houses with a metal frame (between 600 and 900 € / m²).

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What is the construction time?

In addition to the economic advantage, the kit is also faster to build. On average, the time is half that of a conventional house because it is easy to assemble and there is no need to wait for the concrete or cement to dry. Count about six months for the construction of a accommodation of 150 m²

Why are kit houses environmentally friendly?

Do you want to invest in a house in line with your ecological values? Kit housing should seduce you! In fact, it provides access to quality and environmentally friendly materials which provide optimum insulation. In addition, it ensures that you use less energy, are more responsible and start living differently. But that’s not all, the kit is also autonomous, since you can often decide to install photovoltaic panels at the time of purchase.

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Which manufacturers to choose?

Kit houses are on the rise in France and Europe. As a result, more and more manufacturers are taking on this adventure. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the best known:

  • Quadrapol (French)
  • Natalia (French)
  • Eco Logis Innovation (French)
  • Yes Home (French)
  • Pobi Industry (French)
  • Alaya Wooden Houses (French)
  • Gico Houses (French)
  • Polhus (Swedish)
  • and so forth

Did you like this article? Here’s everything you need to know before buying or building a tiny home.

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