Divorce: from now on the CAF withholds alimony at the source

For many single parents, including a large majority of women, recovering alimony from their ex-husbands has been an obstacle until now. To settle the numerous outstanding payments and “reverse demand tax”From now on, the Child Benefit Fund will debit the amounts directly from the debtor-parent’s account.

In France, about 3 in 10 child benefit payments are not paid or are paid randomly. A situation that often places the parent in charge of the child or children, 85% women, in a very precarious situation. It is also an additional source of voltage within separated couples.

In order to regularize this situation, the CAF will act as an intermediary from 1 March 2022. In the event of a divorce, for example, the organization automatically debits the amount from the debtor parent’s bank account and pays alimony to the person who has custody of the children. Nearly 35,000 divorces involving children are pronounced in France every year. This effective means of preventing unpaid bills will be extended to all divorces from 2023.

If both parents request this, they can of course arrange directly between them without the intervention of the organization.

Fight uncertainty

The purpose of this measure is clear, it is: “pacify” conflict situations, Nicolas Grivel, director-general of the National Fund for Child Benefit (CNaf) explains to AFP. It is essential to protect “the most vulnerable” vs “the first of domestic violence” : the one who plunges single-parent families into financial insecurity, underlines the Minister of Solidarity, Olivier Véran. For single parents, alimony represents on average 20% of their income.

In order to avoid defaults, the CAF will also have the power to deduct the amounts owed directly from the debtor parent’s salary or from their social benefits (RSA, activity bonus, APL, etc.).

It was already possible to make use of this financial recovery mechanism upon request. In 2021, it therefore benefited 100,000 families for a total amount of 157 million euros. Henceforth, it will be extended to all divorce decrees, thereby facilitating the task of parents while avoiding potential conflicts.

Very good news for all single-parent families.

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