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Danger of drowning: why can the color of the swimsuit make all the difference?

According to Public Health France’s DROWNING survey, 1,119 accidental drownings were recorded across the country from June 1 to August 31, 2021. Slightly lower than in 2018 (1,225 cases), but still worrying. In front of to avoid these frequent accidents in the summer, you should take into account certain recommendations, starting with the choice of your swimsuit. Surprising, isn’t it? We explain why.

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Don’t neglect the color of your swimsuit

In general, we choose our swimsuit based on its aesthetics and comfort. But these two criteria should not be given priority. Indeed, we should all prefer the color of our bikini. According to a study by water safety expert Alive Solutions, the color of our swimwear can: reduce the risk of drowning

To arrive at this astonishing conclusion, swimsuits of different colors were deposited at the bottom of a swimming pool. And the least we can say is that the results are uplifting. indeed, the blue water distorts some colors in a meaningful way.

For example, the colors red, pink, yellow and neon orange, i.e the most vibrant, more stand out in contact with water. This is all the more true for pools with a clear bottom. On the contrary, white becomes lighter and is less visible from a distance because it can be confused with the reflections of light on the water surface. finally, thedark colors are hard to see : Black looks grayer, while gray and dark green turn navy blue.

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At the pool or on the beach it is therefore preferable that children AND adults wear a brightly colored swimsuit, especially neon orange.

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