Cosmetics: nettle, the new miracle ingredient?

Often neglected for its stinging power, the nettle remains a plant of a thousand and one virtues. The fashion industry has recently taken an interest in expanding the range of ecological natural fibres, but it could also appear (very) soon in our bathrooms thanks to its purifying, anti-inflammatory and strengthening properties.

Nettle is not the plant we turn to to give a green touch to our interior. She is not the one we pick up when we walk in nature. And rightly so, this plant, which some even consider a weed, has a multitude of hairs that secrete a particularly irritating liquid. A power that suggests that nettle can only be harmful to health, but also to the skin. This is not the case, on the contrary, this herb has its place – and more so – in our beauty routine.

Purified skin

Naturally rich in vitamins A, B and C, as well as in minerals, nettle is an ideal ally for the skin, and more specifically for so-called problem skin. Nettle powder is the ingredient most appreciated by cosmetics players, and is part of the composition of many products, from masks to lotions and vinegars, but skin with imperfections will also appreciate the nutritional supplements in the form of chewing gum and herbal teas that most often exploit the leaves of the plant.

When we look at the benefits of nettle, and even more so of nettle, we realize that it is especially valued for its anti-inflammatory properties. A shame when you consider that the plant has a (very) strong irritating capacity. However, it is effective in eliminating toxins, fighting the discomforts caused by pollution, in other words dull and tired skin, and helping to combat blemishes. Even more surprising, nettle helps soothe irritated or itchy skin. Unbelievable but true.

Stronger and shinier hair

Nettle is not only beneficial for the skin, it also has many properties that are essential for good hair health. There are already numerous shampoos, conditioners, masks and other hair care products formulated with powder or nettle leaf. These can have strengthening properties, essential to boost the dullest hair, as well as purifying to fight oily hair and dandruff.

Some cosmetic brands are also introducing it in shampoos and treatments intended to combat hair loss – nettle-based DIY recipes (do it yourself) are legion on the subject – while others include it in formulas dedicated to nail beauty. . Brands such as Unbottled, Fleurance Nature, Typology, Klorane and WAAM Cosmetics have already made nettle their new beauty essential. The Talika brand has gone even further by offering a treatment, Lipocils Expert, which is designed to boost eyelash growth.

Avoided for decades, the nettle has seen its image change in recent years. Not content to invest in our bathrooms, it has also made a place for itself in our closets. Nettle fiber is now one of the many natural alternatives for polluting or less environmentally friendly materials.

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