Company introduces natural termination of pregnancy leave: first in France

This is a big step forward in France. For the first time, a French company arranges a five-day leave for natural termination of pregnancy. An exemplary decision to help bereaved families overcome this painful ordeal.

We owe this beneficial decision to Critizr, a French application created in 2012 that allows consumers to come into direct contact with the manager of a place. Whether reporting a problem, asking a question, or offering a suggestion, Critizr forwards the request to the appropriate store to meet customer needs. Objective ? Improve customer relationships.

Since its foundation, the company has placed great importance on the well-being of its 100 employees. She recently introduced menstrual leave to support women who suffer from their periods because: “these pains can be immobilizing”remembers Xavier Molinié, Human Resources Director at Critizr. “Since it is always difficult to go to the doctor, with the measures taken, the employee only has to report by phone that she will not work on such a day, all in confidence and simplicity”.

An unprecedented holiday in France

A few days ago, Critizr general manager Nicolas Hammer also announced the introduction of natural termination of pregnancy leave. This is an unprecedented decision in France. Xavier Molinié, responsible for setting up this system, found that, unlike Quebec or New Zealand, there was nothing for prospective French parents before the 22nd week of pregnancy. “But whether you lose a child in the 20th or 21st week, it remains an extremely painful event”

“I told myself we had to get ahead of this social evolution: we can’t accept that physical or psychological pain is a brake.”

Xavier Molinie

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An employee who is going through a natural termination of pregnancy has five days off. A time certainly short to rebuild after such an ordeal, yet essential. In addition, the employee for whom the partner has had a ‘miscarriage’ is entitled to two days off. These days are granted to him, even if his partner does not work at Critizr. With regard to menstrual leave, it is sufficient to warn about absence by telephone.

“We then saw very positive reactions through our internal communication tools, but also during our daily conversations with our employees. They were pleasantly surprised and are grateful for this initiative.”

And the company doesn’t want to stop there. From now on she wants to make a profit from time, by giving time for herself and for others. “In that sense, we are running a skills sponsorship project, with Bosse for an Assoc† To date, out of 100 employees, 10 have already joined various associations, according to their individual ambitions (such as Le Souffle du Nord, Les Auxiliaires des Aveugles or La Cravate Solidaire).

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