Co-sleeping: the secret to a good night’s sleep, according to this study

Better to sleep together than alone. In summary, this is the conclusion of an American study on sleep. People who share their bed with a partner sleep more and better than people who sleep alone.

Do you have to co-sleep to get a good night’s sleep? This is the question a team of researchers from the University of Arizona tried to answer. To do this, they asked 1,007 volunteers, adults living in Pennsylvania, to answer an online questionnaire. Have they shared a bed in the past month, and how often? With what kind of partners? Their spouse, child, pet or person? The volunteers also had to provide information about the quality of their sleep.

After analyzing the answers, the specialists noted that people who share their bed with a spouse or in a romantic relationship sleep better than those who don’t. They have less insomnia, fall asleep more easily, sleep longer and are awake for shorter periods than people who only spend the night. In the latter case, the researchers noted more severe depressive states and a less satisfying life.

What about parents who sleep with their kids most nights? These reported more insomnia than the other volunteers, more fatigue and a higher state of stress.

“Little research has been done on this question, but our findings suggest that sleeping alone or with a partner, family member or pet can affect our sleep health. We were very surprised to find out how important it can be.”

dr. Michael Grandner, director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the University of Arizona

(ETX Daily Up)

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