Climate emergency: 1,400 scientists worry about ‘lack of democratic debate’ in presidential election

“Look it up! » 1,400 scientists, some of whom are from the Intergovernmental Group on Climate Change (IPCC), or the Supreme Council for Climate, have a message to convey to the candidates for the presidential elections.

In a column published on Tuesday 1 February on the site of france infowhat worries these climatologists, geographers, sociologists, philosophers and oceanographers? the absence of democratic debate in the presidential campaign about the serious upheavals that are underway and to come, whether they relate to climate, ocean, biodiversity or pollution”.

However, the subject is far from being ignored by the French population, the platform’s signatories recall. “The environment is a major concern” French women and men, according to a study by Ademe (the Ecological Transition Agency). Especially since two-thirds of them are already directly exposed to climate risks, according to another study, conducted by the National Observatory on the Effects of Global Warming (ONERC).

nuanced issues

These numbers, scientists remember them for a reason: to ask the candidates for the presidential elections to express themselves, “and therefore be questioned, on substantive issues”. Among them, the forum’s signatories cite a range of topics and issues, far from the caricatured binary debates between “a clash between proponents of nuclear energy and defenders of renewables” :

  • How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without increasing social and territorial inequalities?
  • How can we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels without increasing fuel poverty?
  • How? ‘Or what? adapt cities to reduce their vulnerability to hot, dry and humid extremes while fighting against unsanitary and poor housing?
  • Or how work so that the eradication of poverty in the world is combined with the adoption of models for sustainable development and the empowerment of women?

All these questions and nuances are still missing from the programs and public speeches of candidates for the presidential election, the authors of the text lament.

“This is why, as talk of passivity grows, it is more essential than ever to be able to deliberate calmly about the alternatives, the opportunities and the limitations of the various options being considered, by ceasing to consider the technical choices and decoupling the economic, social and territorial dimensions. For this reason, voters should know the proposals of the candidates for the presidential elections and their implementation conditions. »

The signatories of the forum, published on franceinfo

This forum reminds us of the importance of debating topics with nuances, especially those related to the climate emergency.

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