Climate crisis: 48% of the French population say they are ready to commit to an ecological project

Would you be willing to actively participate in a project that helps fight the climate crisis? If the answer is “yes”, would you rather opt for a humanitarian operation aimed at restoring biodiversity, a reforestation project or a zero waste campaign? These three types of projects are not just simple examples: they correspond to the projects that attract the most French women and men, according to a survey conducted by the donation platform NooS.Global. explanation.

According to the results of this survey, 78% of respondents say they are ready to participate, for example, in projects related to pollution, plastic reduction, waste collection or even upcycling. This is followed by reforestation projects (68%) and projects that help mitigate climate change around the world (67%).

An order of interest that can also be found among those already actively involved: 48% have already started zero-waste operations or projects to conserve biodiversity (41%) and reforestation (40%). However, according to the survey, positive impact actions promoting access to health (57%) or equal opportunities (44%) are much less popular.

In general, the French remain quite optimistic in their view of the climate crisis: 62% of them think there is “still time to save the planet”, you”.

Survey conducted among 3,956 people across France. Survey conducted online, on BuzzPress France’s own panel, according to the quota method, in the period from 24 to 31 March 2022

(ETX Daily Up)

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