Circular economy: L’Oréal announces creation of investment fund

L’Oréal announced on Thursday 21 April an investment of 50 million euros in the circular economy, as part of the creation of a special investment fund. This impact investment fund is managed by capital managers specializing in clean technologies Demeter in Paris and Cycle Capital in Montreal. “open to other investors: institutions, companies, individuals, etc.”detailed to AFP Alexandra Palt, General Director of Social and Environmental Responsibility of L’Oréal.

Currently endowed with 80 million euros, the fund can reach 150 million. Goals with this money? Supports “start-ups and companies from North America, Europe and Asia developing a circular use of resources, in sectors as diverse as new materials for the bioeconomy, circular solutions for packaging, recycling and waste, logistics and eco-efficient processes”specifies L’Oréal in a press release, passed on by Sustainable informatione.

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