Cannes Film Festival: The names of 129 femicide victims invite themselves on the stairs

Sunday 22 May, on the occasion of the screening of the film feminist response at the Cannes festival, the production team was accompanied by the collective ‘les colleus’. On the red carpet, they unfurled a banner with 129 names on it: those of women who have died of feminicide since the last Cannes festival, in July 2021.

Photo: Report France 3, activists “les colleus” on the red carpet

You may not know them, but you have certainly seen their collages: ‘the gluers’ hang feminist messages on the walls of public spaces at night.

To be seen in the movie “Feminist Response”, directed by Simon Depardon and Marie Perennès, the activists came to the screening yesterday, Sunday 22 May. Using the much-discussed context of climbing the stairs, they unfurled a banner with the names of the 129 female murder victims since last July.

Karine, Eleonore, Muriel, Valérie, Émilie, Bernadette… These anonymously deceased women were briefly brought to light. Dressed in black, fists raised, the activists used smoke bombs: black smoke on the red carpet, the scene immortalized by photographer Raymond Depardon, the director’s father.

According to Good morning, this is the second feminist action of this 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival: on Friday 20 May, an activist from the radical feminist movement Scum stormed the red carpet, bare-chested and blood-stained panties. Intended to denounce the rapes of Russians in Ukraine, this action was quickly stopped by the security services.

A scene that reminds us of the importance of culture’s role in the spread of social struggles.

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