Candy, disguise, confetti: 4 tips for organizing an ecological Mardi Gras

March 1, 2022 is Mardi Gras! The chance to change your mind a little and prepare some small festivities. But between the purchase of disguises, children’s make-up of questionable composition and the plastic packaging of sweets, this holiday can quickly become an ecological scourge. So, how do you organize an ecologically responsible carnival? Here are our simple and environmentally conscious tips.

Rent or make a costume

Is your kid asking you for his favorite hero or heroine’s latest costume to shine at recess? Instead of buying a new overpriced suit made on the other side of the world, why not rent a used one? This alternative is available in some stores or on the Internet. Allows you to save money, do not participate in the fast fashion and above all to find the rare pearl that no classmate will wear.

And if you want a unique costume that will drive your kid crazy, you can make it yourself. And if you are new to sewing, know that there are many easy and fun one-click tutorials available. So, to your creations!

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Use organic and natural makeup

According to the Association for Living Environment Consumption (CLCV), make-up for children contains too many allergens and carcinogens [1]† A paradox when you know that the skin of children is more sensitive and fragile than that of adults. The eyeshadow, gloss, lipstick or nail polish sold commercially or offered at trade shows and birthday parties is said to be full of toxic substances.

So, to protect your child’s skin and respect the environment, buy only organic and natural products or make them yourself. Here are some examples (for the full list, it’s here):

  • Green powder: dried spirulina + water
  • Yellow Powder: Turmeric Powder + Water
  • Red powder: paprika + water
  • Brown powder: cocoa powder + water
  • Lipstick: beetroot juice
  • and so forth

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Make your own treats

Who says Mardi Gras, says sweets and sweets galore. But to respect the environment and the health of your teeth, do not consume these treats that you buy in the supermarket. And rightly so, their composition is bad for our bodies and plastic packaging pollutes the planet.

So why not cook some yourself? For example, you can prepare truffles, rocks, orangettes, and marshmallows by following our recipes here, or donuts, waffles, and pretzels, there.

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Choose biodegradable decorations

When we host the Mardi Gras Carnival, we often buy decorations that pollute the environment. This is the case with sequins and confetti. But luckily it is possible to illuminate this festive day in many other ways.

In particular, you can turn to the Bioglitter brand, which designs plant-based glitter that takes nearly 100 days to break down, or the Eco Glitter Fun company, which offers glitter made from a compostable film. And for even more fantasy and originality, you can make confetti in lavender or by cutting small circles in dead leaves, for a beautiful 100% plant-based theme.

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